Eid Al Adha is finally here. The ‘Feast of the Sacrifice” when your mind and body is in its purest form. The love and consideration for others coupled together with pious and righteous thoughts leave you in a totally different state of mind. The purity and sanctity you experience within should be reflected in your home as well. Hence, one should pay special attention while cleaning and organizing your home for this holy festival.


• Plan ahead: Since Eid is all about feast, you should plan things ahead of time. Decide who all will be invited for this special day and what you plan to prepare. This will help you in planning the shopping and undertake other activities.

• Declutter your house: The first step to cleaning is decluttering your house. Dispose of or donate those items you no longer require like old clothes, books, and footwear. Decluttering will free up space and let you think more clearly about organizing the house. It is advisable to do the decluttering a week before Eid as it might be hard for you to manage everything at one go. If you have kids coming in during Eid, make sure that your house is safe for kids. Keep aside all pointy items and items that are likely to be dangerous for kids.

• Clean the house: Since this is a special day and you will have a lot of activities to attend to, you can seek professional help from home cleaning services. In addition to the usual cleaning like dusting and moping, you should even undertake deep cleaning of the house. Pay special attention to the kitchen as a lot of activities will be undertaken here on this special day.

• Decorate the house: Decorate the entire house with the theme of the season. You can seek the help of children in decorating. You can hang an “Eid Mubarak” banner outside the house as well as star and crescent-shaped moon cuttings inside the house. If you wish, you can even hang some lighting both inside and outside the house. Take out all new accessories like table mat and furniture cover and lay them down aesthetically.

• Buy gifts: If you are planning to give gifts to your friends and family, then plan ahead of time and buy gifts in bulk. This will help you strike a good deal and save a lot of time as well. You can also stock up on some incense sticks or scented candles, kitchen ware and few disposable items.

Planning ahead of time is the best way to reduce stress and strain during Eid. Jot down the things that need to be done and try to stick to the plan as far as possible.


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