Even it doesn’t really feel like spring in Dubai, there are plenty ways to bring the spring around you. Of course, this starts with your house. Fresh flowers, home fragrance, pastel colours are the best side of spring but we can’t deny the duty it brings. As in every season change you should deep clean the house.

If you regularly clean your house or have a professional maid service it may be easier for you clean every corner of your house. You can follow the below checklist for your spring deep cleaning.

Organising: We will never get bored of telling you this: less is more! Season changes are perfect times to organise your home and get rid of unused stuff. The best part is that you can even make some extra money. For each room in the house make boxes; trash, donate, sell. If you haven’t used it in the past year or so, believe us you will never ever use it. If it is still wearable or usable then pick your side and put it in the right box. If you force yourself to give one thing when you buy one thing in the first place you could keep things simple. It’s never too late to start doing this!

Dusting: The first thing you should always bear in mind is that it’s better to start with dusting. Since season changes require deep cleaning you should find all the neglected parts of your house. Start dusting top to bottom so you can vacuum all the fallen dust when you finished dusting. Here is a list for you to follow if you feel like you are lost in dusting.

- Fan blades: You could never imagine how much dust can pile up on the blades. Luckily there is an easy way to clean them. Use an old pillowcase to clean all the blades.
- The blinds: You can use an old sock or a glove to clean between the blinds.
- Baseboards: If you have baseboards in your rooms you can dust them with a mini handheld broom or clean paint brush.
- Top of the cupboards and wardrobes: For this job, you might need a ladder. If you are allergic to dust for this one you may want to use a non-woven mask to avoid dust.
- Bookshelves: As this is spring cleaning you should take everything off the shelves. Dust the shelves and the books.
- Upholstery: Remove every upholstery fabric outside and gently beat them by hand. For your light shades, you can use a lint roller to dust them.

Washing & Wiping: These two words include many things. To execute your spring deep cleaning properly you should wash and wipe many things in your house. Don’t be intimidated. Here is a list for you to follow.

- Indoor walls: Make sure that you are washing your walls according to the paint instructions. If your paint is waterproof use a damp cloth to wipe it. Dry it as you go.
- Windows: You should wipe your windows inside out. Use a newspaper to dry it. It won’t leave any mark on your windows. You can also use it to wipe and dry the mirrors.
- Inside and outside of cabinets, cupboards, and wardrobes: This one will take a quite long time as you have to do this for each and every room. But if you have listened to us about organising your stuff it will take less time of course. Take everything out of them. Wipe the inside with a damp cloth and dry it as you go. Only put things back if you really think they are essential. When you finish inside do the outside.
- Inside and outside of the fridge: Your fridge probably is the most neglected piece of your house. It’s almost same in every house. Take everything out of the fridge. If you schedule this just before your weekly grocery shopping it might be an easier task. Take out the drawers and wash them with dishwashing liquid. Use a cloth dampened with dishwasher liquid to clean the shelves. Check every products expiry date before putting back in the fridge. If you need more help with cleaning and organising your fridge have a look at this post.
- Light switches and door knobs: Those areas can collect a lot of germs and dirt. It’s better to wipe them regularly but if you haven’t, spring cleaning is a good time to start cleaning them.
- Upholstery: Check every upholstery to see their washing instructions. Wash every possible piece accordingly; blankets, rugs, curtains, pillow cases etc. Since this is another time-consuming task you can seek professional help for carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning and curtain cleaning.

Vacuuming and mopping: After finishing all of the above you can start vacuuming your house. To reduce the effort you use, make sure that you have the right vacuum cleaner. When you are done with vacuuming you finish your deep cleaning by mopping the surfaces. Since every floor needs to be cleaned with different products you may want to check this post to care them as instructed.

Enjoy lovely days of spring!

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