Some people suffer from allergies, especially during seasonal changes. There are a few things you can especially avoid or be careful of when it comes to allergens. After having yourself tested for allergies and it turns out that it’s a dust allergy we have the answer. Here is what and how you should go about cleaning dust.


Clean your house regularly: If you are allergic to dust it means you have to have your house cleaned preferably at least once or twice a week. Letting dust pile up wouldn’t do your allergy any good. If your allergy is bearable and if you are going to do the cleaning use a mask, gloves and long clothing to avoid allergens. If your allergy is beyond bearable then you shouldn’t be any near of dust. Someone else with no allergy should clean the house. If no one is up for the job you can book a cleaning company for deep cleaning.

Choose the right vacuum cleaner: Deep cleaning starts with the right vacuum cleaner. Before you buy a vacuum cleaner you have to consider your requirements. Especially if you are allergic to dust mites you should choose HEPA filter cleaning vacuum. You can have a look at our post for more: how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home.

Whatever brand you choose make sure that your vacuum cleaner has HEPA filter.

Dust with a dampened cloth: When you use a dry cloth to dust your house you are just moving dust around. A moist cloth is better to capture dust and the mites. You can use a dry cloth to wipe the area dry afterward.

Declutter: Our favorite topic! You know our motto is less is more. There are plenty of reasons to declutter your house. In this case, allergy should be at the top of the list. Everything in your house collects dust and hide allergens hence avoid extra unnecessary items around. Check out this post to see more about why you should get rid of clutter and this post to see how you can keep your house organized within 2 minutes.

Every item you have in your house collects dust. It’s better to minimize stuff around the house to avoid surprise allergy attacks.

Clean your upholstery regularly: Your allergy would get worse if you don’t pay enough attention to the home cleaning. Keeping your upholstery clean and dust-free is very important as it can contain live, dead and actively pooping dust mites. When it comes to fighting against mites sofa cleaning and curtain cleaning play a huge part. You have to clean them every month. You can read this post to see how you should handle your sofas. If you can’t do it by yourself don’t worry, cleaning companies have professional teams clean it for you.

Wash and clean your rugs and carpets: If you can get rid of all of the rugs and carpets around the house. They are literally a home for dust mites and allergens. If you can’t, you have to deep clean them regularly. It’s highly recommended to have a cleaning company to do the carpet cleaning for you.

If you can’t get read of your carpets you have to deep clean them regularly.

Be extra careful with your bedding: You can fight back your allergy by investing in good bedding. Make sure you use an allergy cover on your mattress, pillows and duvet. Have your mattress cleaned every month. Professional mattress cleaning is a great way to avoid allergies. You should also wash your sheets in the hottest setting every week to kill the dust mites.

Use a dehumidifier or/and AC: It’s good to use both when you have an allergy but it’s very important to keep them clean otherwise they would make you sicker instead of making you healthier. Dehumidifiers will help avoid mold while AC filters the air, preventing dust, dirt, pollens, moulds, Remember you have to change AC filter every three months.

Dehumidifiers help you avoid mould. But you should remember to clean them regularly.

Prevent mold and mildew: Mold is another agent which triggers allergies. To minimize allergens in the bathroom avoid using wallpaper or painted walls. Tile is always a better choice for the bathroom. Instead of shower curtains use glass doors and keep them clean.

Keep your pets clean: Sometimes pets can cause an allergic reaction. Actually, it’s not their fur but dead skin, saliva, and dried urine. If your allergies caused by pets it doesn’t mean that you have to kiss them goodbye. There are plenty of things you can do to keep your four-legged friends with you:

* Wash them at least once a week
* Wash their beds regularly
* Groom outside of the house regularly
* Don’t allow them in your bedrooms

You can prevent allergy attacks by taking good care of your pet.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products: Harsh chemicals and scent can trigger or make your allergy worse. Natural and plant-based cleaning products are good for you and the planet. You can find many eco-friendly cleaning products in stores. If you are looking for more eco-friendly solutions you can make your own cleaning products. You can find more information for DIY cleaning products in this post.

As an allergic person, you should keep in mind that you have to deep clean your house more than any other person. If you can have someone else to do the cleaning for you, try a cleaning service instead of doing the cleaning by yourself. Book a maid now from MH Cleaning Services

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